For pretty much exactly the same reasons as concrete floors appeal to home owners – style, practicality, cost-effectiveness –  they are an attractive option for commercial and retail spaces such as bars, restaurants, fashion stores, art galleries and office foyers. Any high-footfall environment, basically.


caementa works with designers from the concept stage to ensure you achieve the perfect result and one that perfectly suits the mood you are trying to convey or the brand you are looking to represent.


The hygienic qualities and slip-resistant nature of concrete should also be music to the ears to your health and safety people.


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As you might have guessed, caementa (see-men-tah) is a Latin word. Originally, it described the small stones or rubble that were used in the manufacture of concrete, at which the Romans excelled. As it grew in popularity and the caementa urbis – the concrete walls of Rome – took shape, the word caementa was used to describe the finished structure rather than the method used to make it solid.


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