In-Situ Terrazzo

This smooth and uniformly attractive flooring with exposed aggregates – typically marble. It’s applied seamlessly in-situ in thickness of at least 10-20mm and then ground & polished with diamond abrasives / diamond polisher. Where necessary, precast panel could be produced also gf rolex daytona mens 116519 rolex calibre 7750 black tone for feature wall or skirting. 

Unlike traditional concrete which has to be left for weeks or months to cure, our self-levelling seam-free in-situ terrazzo overlay can diamond polished within 1-3 days after it is poured. Its also extremely durable and practical floor.

In-situ seamless terrazzo is particularly popular in A-Grade office ground floor reception spaces as well as some high-end residential projects.

One of the major attractions of this style of finish is that it lends itself to diamond polishing for a high gloss or honed finish. So if you own or run a property which is blessed with evolve plus xl dab pen big windows, you’ll be entranced by the way the light dances off the surface.