Look away now if you’re wedded to the notion that floors are for walking on and not to be valued as a statement of character and style.


We’ve nothing against wood, tile or humble carpet.


But a concrete floor says so much more about you: it says you’re a bold and thoughtful home owner who wants a sensuous surface that is long-lasting and requires minimal upkeep.


And no, it doesn’t have to be regulation grey – we can offer a full range of colours and textured finishes.


You’ll probably want to consider underfloor heating to get the maximum enjoyment from your concrete floor.


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As you might have guessed, caementa (see-men-tah) is a Latin word. Originally, it described the small stones or rubble that were used in the manufacture of concrete, at which the Romans excelled. As it grew in popularity and the caementa urbis – the concrete walls of Rome – took shape, the word caementa was used to describe the finished structure rather than the method used to make it solid.


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