Ultra Thin Heating

Ultra Thin, Infrared Electric Heating Flexible Panels Built into your floor, wall or ceiling


  • Cosy and pleasant warmth
  • Healthy and energy-saving feel-good heating
  • Flexible, robust and invisible
  • Quick, simple and cost-efficient installation
  • Varied application options
  • Advanced German quality & technology


  • Very low energy consumption and low operating costs
  • Quick response behaviour and clever control technology
  • Flexible, ultra-thin and invisible fitting into wall, ceiling and floor from 1,5mm thick
  • Maintenance-free


  • Renewable energy can be used
  • Health benefits, as does not raise dust or allergenic substances
  • Noiseless
  • Breathable, prevents mould & damp walls
  • Forces moisture from the surface (particularly beneficial for old buildings with re-occurring damp issues)


The heart of the thermofer panel heating is a thin glass fibre mesh of approximately 1.5 mm that is coated with carbon nanotubes and an insulation material. If you apply a direct or alternating voltage, electricity flows through the carbon nanotubes that create an a real heat distribution due to the small mesh openings.

Installation videos

Applying the damp

Plaster over Thermofer mesh

Applying final render

Connect & Activate



thermofer is installed invisibly in the wall, floor, or ceiling. The system does not require radiators, which allows for a modern, barrier-free and well-appointed interior.

The installation required for the thermofer system is less compared to that for other systems as it dispenses with an elaborate pipe system which must be installed throughout the entire house.

Neither does the system require any fluids so that damage caused by leakage can be excluded.

The thermofer system does not feature any moving parts and therefore is low-maintenance.
The heating does not cause any noises and is dust-free.

The thermofer low-temperature panel heating system heats up clearly faster because the heating element is integrated near the surface and is combined with a thin, highly-efficient insulation layer – within a few minutes only, the required temperature has been reached.

The system works with low temperatures due to the areal distribution of the heat, therefore any loss to the outside is minimal. Moreover, the energy provided by the utilities company is converted into heat at almost 100 % – a rate which is impossible to reach for conventional heating systems.

The low operating temperature and the rapid warming up secure considerable savings of heating expenses and overall operating costs. Also, the resulting reduced energy consumption and minimised CO2 emissions contribute towards protecting our environment.

Because of its robust design and particularly the dense structure of the mesh, lights, drapes, pictures, etc. can all be retro-fitted with ease. Should the glass fibre mesh be damaged by nails, dowels or screws, no repairs are necessary. This does not interfere with the system’s functionality.

To ensure total operational convenience, all thermofer low-temperature panel heating systems can be connected to a smart control system which precision-adjusts the user’s individual preferences. If required, different parameters such as presence at home, outdoor temperature, direct sunlight and much more can be taken into consideration in the settings. It is also possible to pair the system with other devices (e.g. blinds) and operate the system using mobile equipment (iPad, Smartphones, etc.) while out or when at home.

That depends on the structure of the floor, wall, or ceiling. The more the thermal conductivity leads upwards and the thinner the material used, the faster the room heats up. Some common floorings such as carpeting, vinyl, tiles, etc. reach a temperature of, for example a maximum 29°C after approx. 7 – 10 minutes already.

Yes, the thermofer heating system is ideal for handling any mould issues. Our system eliminates the relative humidity on the wall’s surface so that mould does not stand a chance.


We offer a control system geared to your individual requirements. From a simple on/off switch to a thermostat which adjusts the surface temperature according to your settings, to smart solutions that take into consideration different parameters (presence, outdoor temperature, window position…). You may use your Smartphone or tablet as a smart hub and control the temperature from a distance.


All thermofer products have been tested by TÜV Rheinland/DEKRA (Germany) and have a respective certificate.

In addition to the safety of the products, their functional quality is secured with ongoing quality tests.


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