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Transforming Retail Spaces: Stunning Microcement Floors Elevate Main Reception and Lift Lobbies on Thayer Street & Marylebone Lane, London

Elevating Commercial Spaces: Caementa's Microcement Revolution with French Ad Lucem Microcement.

In the dynamic realm of commercial and retail design, Caementa is leading the charge in revolutionizing spaces with the sleek and durable beauty of microcement flooring in London. By collaborating with Ad Lucem, the acclaimed manufacturer of top-tier microcement, and harnessing the expertise of Chapman Architects and Knight Harwood, we've pioneered a fusion of functionality and style that sets new benchmarks in flooring excellence.

The Charm of Microcement in Design

Microcement stands out for its versatility and robustness, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics and durability. Its seamless application breathes life into commercial and retail settings, creating spaces that are not just visually appealing but also practical. With Ad Lucem's high-quality microcement, Caementa is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge flooring solutions.

A Collaborative Masterpiece

The transformation of spaces on Thayer Street and Marylebone Lane in London showcases the magic of microcement in elevating main receptions and lift lobbies. This project is a testament to the seamless collaboration between Caementa, Ad Lucem for the microcement supply, Chapman Architects for their visionary design, and Knight Harwood for their meticulous execution.

Why Microcement?

Opting for microcement in commercial spaces means embracing a floor solution that marries customizability with durability. Its ease of maintenance and the ability to customize finishes make it an economically savvy choice. The seamless, continuous surface enhances spatial perception, creating an inviting atmosphere that elevates the customer experience.

Partner with Caementa

Caementa, together with French Ad Lucem, Chapman Architects, and Knight Harwood, is committed to innovating commercial and retail environments. Our projects stand as a beacon of design excellence and quality, showcasing our passion for spaces that inspire. Discover the potential of microcement with Caementa and transform your commercial space into a model of modern elegance and functionality.



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